Adding, Adding, Adding Inventory

Adding inventory has consumed my days of late.  My eyes are about cross-eyed after adding all the dealer samples to their own devoted page, pharm  making sure the pages are linked appropriately to the master list and that each page is properly optimized.

But all this work is my own fault.   I had to open my big mouth and assure my husband, Lenden Eakin, that I could do a better job building a website than the professionals he hired years ago.  I  probably know just enough about building a website to get myself in trouble.  You see, during my time as a wine/beer merchant for the last 10 years, my company thrived on the internet.  I had my Facebook, Twitter and WordPress website all talking to one another and Google gave me an award for being “A Favorite Place on Google” given to only 5% of local businesses in the country.  I thought I was big stuff.  None of my peers’ websites had this distinction.

So bear with me as I roll up my sleeves and get all the transferables added to the site. Those are the guns you want to see anyways, isn’t it?

And feel free to drop me a line of encouragement – I need it!!

Your friend in the gun biz,




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    Thanks for the share!

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