Battle Rifle of the Holy Land – Galil

Favored by IDF in Six Day War

Considered the best made of the AK design, visit web
the Galil was the primary battle rifle of the Israeli Defense Force.

Israeli Military Industries (now named the Israeli Weapons Industries) is the manufacturer of this rifle.  It comes in 4 different variants – ARM, ampoule
SAR w wooden handguards, SAR w folded stock and MAR.

Very few full auto Galils exist in the USA for legal transfer.  The Galil we have for sale was converted to full auto from semi and registered before 1986 by the longstanding, highly-respected Class 3 manufacturer,  Fleming Firearms.  Well-known in the world of machine guns, the guys of Fleming Firearms tout that “Happiness is a warm machine gun!”

The ARM has a folding stock, in the paratrooper configuration.  The Model 372 is lightly used, if at all, appearing new and would make an excellent addition to any collection of Israeli weapons.  This unusual, well made and interesting Galil has a registered sear and comes with a 40- round magazine (see pic).

FYI, a new semi auto Galil from IWI will run you about $3,000 and a 2-year wait.

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