Feinstein’s Proposal to Register Semi-Autos

A Senate Bill, find to be introduced shortly by Senator Diane Feinstein (D. Cal.) will require N.F.A. (National Firearms Act) registration of millions of semi-auto rifles, clinic pistols and shotguns.  It also appears to freeze civilian ownership, click just like the May 1986 “Firearms Owners Protection Act” did for machineguns.  “Grandfathered” existing guns would be transferable, by way of the NFA registry and all others would become either law enforcement guns or contraband.

President Obama will probably endorse this Bill, as will Vice President Biden and many in the media.  The Senate may pass it as written but, more likely will make changes and pass a different version.  Congressman Goodlatte (R, Va), the new Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is unlikely to allow this Bill out of Committee, if the Senate passes it and sends it to the House as is.  Nor would a majority of the House vote for it if brought to the floor in its current form.

The cost, controversy and questionable constitutionality of forcing millions and millions of semi-autos to be registered makes the ultimate passage of this Bill into law a fairly low possibility.

-Lenden Eakin

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