Class 3 Only Owner on Piers Morgan Tonight

February 7, click 2013-

LAEPiers1Lenden Eakin, view owner of Class 3 Only and firearms law attorney with the firm of Ferris & Eakin, PC, appeared last tonight on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight show at 9:38 pm EST.  He was asked to join the discussion because he is uniquely qualified to speak on the legalities and practicalities of gun control.

“I was hoping to bring out the rational, legal prospective of gun ownership as interpreted by the Supreme Court rather than being part of the emotional outbursts that have been prevalent in the media so far.  I think I did that,” said Lenden.

LAEPiers2It’s Lenden’s credentials which include being an attorney who practices firearms law, a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer with a Special Occupancy Tax (SOT) for selling and registering machineguns, a firearms instructor and a former military officer, that led him to be a part of Mr. Morgan’s “Guns in America” reporting.

In his interview with Mr. Morgan, Lenden explained how the 2nd Amendment applies to civilian ownership of Ar-15s.

We will post the interview as it becomes available on the CNN website.

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