VP Biden Still Wrong about the 2nd Amendment


Joe Biden on Parents Magazine’s Town Hall- Feb 19, prescription 2013

Vice President Biden continues to misstate the law on the right to keep and bear arms when he says that double-barreled shotguns are all we should own under the 2nd Amendment.  His obvious effort to rewrite the Constitution to leave out the right to have weapons suitable for “common defense” is misleading and false.  The Supreme Court has clearly explained that the 2nd Amendment covers more than self-defense and hunting.  DC v. Heller, web 554 US 570 (2008) pp. 588-599.  There can be no doubt that the 2nd Amendment covers the AR-15, site due to its widespread lawful ownership and use by citizens and value as a weapon for the common defense.  Id@pp624-628.  The VP would do the American people a great service if he would focus on keeping all weapons out of the wrong hands and stop trying to disarm law-abiding citizens.


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