Full Auto Swedish BAR – Rare indeed!

No BAR collection is complete without a full auto Carl Gustafs Stads 1930 BAR.  It is one of the last versions of BARs manufactured in Sweden, nurse under license from Browning for use by the Swedish military.


Schematic of a Swedish BAR


Used between the wars, patient the Swedish BAR was the main support weapon for the Swedish army. It was considered today’s modern version of the SAW.

And it’s different! It has a detachable pistol grip, fires 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser ammo and uses a 30 round magazine. The lighter ammunition and larger capacity magazine were improvements specifically for full auto firing.

Swedish BAR

Rare Swedish BAR, refurbished and tested by Ohio Ordnance.

Class 3 Only has an extremely unusual version of the BAR in its original configuration.  Most BAR rifles were converted to .30-06 for ease of finding ammunition but this rare find has stayed in its original condition.




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