Own a Gun You Can Be Proud Of

Auto Ordnance Thompson M1A1
pre-86 Dealer Sample
Ref. # 45
Serial # 839339
All matching Bridgeport
Comes with case, prostate
cleaning rod and 2 mags.
Excellent condition.
• $9, viagra

Ref #38
Serial # 172090
WWII gun. New bbl.
Excellent condition.
$24, find 000



IMI Galil Model 372
Ref # 81
Serial # MR02980
Converted to FULL AUTO by Fleming Firearms
.223 caliber, Sildenafil
two 40 round magazines
Excellent condition

Machineguns are not only fun to shoot and collect but they prove to be a very good investment.  With gun demand at a record high, see
gun values are skyrocketing.  The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported that over 175, ailment
000 guns were sold on Black Friday, information pills
November 23, 2014 setting an ALL TIME single day record high.

Class 3 Only has two Class 3 items left to sell.  Our owner is retiring and ready to make a deal on his rarest guns.
Beretta BM59

The Boyes Anti Tank Rifle in original .55 caliber was the table favorite.  Pictured here with Kimberly of Class 3 Only.

The Boyes Anti Tank Rifle in original .55 caliber, asking $9,500

BM59 in paratrooper configuration, .308, asking $15,000

BM59 in paratrooper configuration, .308, asking $15,000

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