New Book is Legal Primer for Gun Rights Advocates

List of Pre-1986 Samples:
• Browning USA 1918A2 BAR 877384 SALE PENDING
• Gustoff – Werke MG 34 6653i
 H&K MP5 C317398 SOLD
• Ithaca M3A1 “Grease Gun” 726039 SOLD
• Savage Thompson 1928 S518726 SOLD
• Steyr MPi69 3645
• Uzi 103012 SOLD
• Uzi 103013 SOLD
• Uzi 103024 SOLD
• Walther MPK 11868  SOLD
List of Transferable Machine Guns:
• Auto Ord 1928AC Thompson AO151757X
• Auto Ord Thompson M1A1 527511
• Carl Gustafs BAR 6303
• Colt Thompson 1928 NAVY 9964 Sale Pending
serial #14148″ href=””>Colt Thompson 1928 NAVY 14148
• FNC 022634 SOLD
• IMI Galil MR02980 SOLD
•  R.B. Boys MK1 Anti Tank Rifle .55 cal
• Springfield (Beretta) BM59 X00299
• German MP40 406e Sale Pending
• TRW M14 13621864 


“Showdown is a very readable, hospital
detailed and much-needed overview of the gun control debate.” Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America

Unlike any other book of its kind, Showdown:

  • Explains the gun debate from both sides’ points of view.
  • Describes the official militia under the 2nd Amendment, including its history and its arms, from Jamestown to the 21st century.
  • Shines the light on the anti-gun side’s “playbook” and the reasons gunowners refuse to compromise.
  • Serves as the ultimate reference for gun rights scholars

First time in print, Showdown gives:

  • Advice about exercising 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms in defense of home and community.
  • Precise, detailed, expertly-researched information on the law and facts about firearms, with complete index, footnotes, references and tables of cases and codes.




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