Colt Thompson 1928 Navy 9964 SOLD

Ref # 24
Serial # 9964
Matching all original with Colt internal parts
with Remington anchor stamp on stock
1921-1928 US Navy Contract Overstamp
comes with WWII L drum and one 30 rd magazine
Good condition, Curio & Relic machinegun


3 Responses to Colt Thompson 1928 Navy 9964 SOLD

  1. Robert Millian says:

    Serial # 9964 Colt 1921-1928 US Navy Contract Overstamp Thompson. Is that gun still available ?

  2. Bruce Revennaugh says:

    I’d like some more pictures of the gun. Specifically, the right side, the compensator, a better shot of the pivot plate, the selectors, the buttstock. Is there any rust? Any major problems with wood?
    Thanks, Bruce

    • Kimberly says:

      Sending them to you shortly, Bruce. No rust, no major problems with wood. Minor handling scratches.

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