R.B. Boys MK1 .55 Anti Tank Rifle

Ref# 101
Serial # C2668
.55 caliber Anti Tank Rifle (ATR)
Accessories include:
93 rounds (60 rounds in stripper clips in bandoliers, 23 loose rounds and 10 more in clips), 5 magazines, a military magazine box (holds up to 8 mags), 2 Small Arms Training Pamphlets (one is a reprint, 1937 and one is an original, 1939), an origianl British transport crate and a vehicle mount.
Excellent condition

7 Responses to R.B. Boys MK1 .55 Anti Tank Rifle

  1. Kim Calvert says:

    I am looking to purchase one Boys anti tank rifle magazine. Would you happen to have one for sale?

    • Kimberly says:

      Thank you, Kim for your question. We are holding on to ours until we sell the Boys ATR we have in stock in case the buyer needs them. -Kimberly

  2. Max Lavallée says:

    Hey , is this still for sale? How are you on the price?


  3. Stuart says:

    Is this still for sale? Can I get some images of the transport crate?

  4. Samuel says:

    Is it still for sale? I would be willing to make a very generous offer for one of the magazines.

  5. Manuel hurtado says:

    How much was the last price on this weapon

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