Inventory List, Etc.

Current Gun Inventory (PDF)
We are down to one Class 3 gun.  If you are interested in purchasing this highly successful Class 3 website, stuff please contact me at

Class 1 Guns at our sister site, nurse

Lenden’s best selling book, approved Showdown: The Looming Crisis Over Gun Control

Lenden’s eBook – Disarming America: The Effort to Redefine the Second Amendment

A forum for all aspects of Class 3 interest, Small Arms Review

World’s largest NFA firearms site,

Visit the world’s largest machinegun show at Knob Creek Gun Range Machine Gun Shoot held annually every April and October.

All uzis, all the time at UziTalk.

Great place to learn more!  US Shooting Academy

Another great place to fine tune your skills Precision Firearms Training

Want to compete? Machine Gun Competition Calendar

Gun Trusts are a very good idea.  Let Lenden and his law firm put one together for you!  (sorry, Virginia residents only)







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