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Full Auto Swedish BAR – Rare indeed!

No BAR collection is complete without a full auto Carl Gustafs Stads 1930 BAR.  It is one of the last versions of BARs manufactured in Sweden, nurse under license from Browning for use by the Swedish military.   Used between the wars, patient … Continue reading

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Great Time to Invest in Machineguns

Our guns aren’t for everybody but they may be for you! Class 3 Only specializes in collectible, online investment grade machineguns.  They are the some of the best examples of their period you can find and they are competitively priced.  Some … Continue reading

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VP Biden Ignores Fundamental Purpose of 2nd Amendment

President Obama’s goal of removing “weapons of war and massive ammunition magazines off our streets” and the Constitutional right of American citizens to be armed may be in direct conflict.  While not having illegally possessed military style weapons or any … Continue reading

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Semi Autos to Become Class 3 Only?

Senator Feinstein’s (D, remedy Cal.) Gun Control Bill would require adding millions of semi-automatic rifles and pistols to the National Firearms Act (NFA) registry.  So far, stomach this registry has been used for class 3* only.  The summary of Feinstein’s … Continue reading

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Battle Rifle of the Holy Land – Galil

Considered the best made of the AK design, visit web the Galil was the primary battle rifle of the Israeli Defense Force. Israeli Military Industries (now named the Israeli Weapons Industries) is the manufacturer of this rifle.  It comes in … Continue reading

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